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Volume 10, Issue 10, October 2016

Almost Periodic Solutions of a Single Species Logarithmic Population Model with Feedback Controls
Rong Xu
DOI: 10.24507/icicel.10.10.2297

Combined Hierarchical Based Recursive Least Squares Algorithm and Kalman Filter for Hammerstein State Space Systems
Hong Wang, Wei Li, Shuqing Zhang, Xusheng Wang and Chao Ge
DOI: 10.24507/icicel.10.10.2305

Level Hitting Analysis of Brownian Models Applied for Optimization of Take-Profit Level Setting for Trading
Chengcui Zhang, Yue Liu, Aijun Yang and Hongqiang Yang
DOI: 10.24507/icicel.10.10.2313

Fully Informed Particle Swarm with Adaptive Small-World Topology
Yongfeng Ge and Weijie Yu
DOI: 10.24507/icicel.10.10.2319

Simulation of Tuning Gains Decoupling Effect for PI Related Control
Choon Lih Hoo, Sallehuddin Mohamed Haris and Edwin Chin Yau Chung
DOI: 10.24507/icicel.10.10.2327

Transportation Problem with Fuzzy Demands and Fuzzy Supplies Using Triangular and Interval-Valued Fuzzy Numbers
Feng-Tse Lin
DOI: 10.24507/icicel.10.10.2333

Simple Adaptive Control with Adaptive Parallel Feedforward Compensator
Taro Takagi, Ikuro Mizumoto and Kenta Fujita
DOI: 10.24507/icicel.10.10.2341

Linear Quadratic Optimization Models of Uncertain Switched Systems
Hongyan Yan, Linxue Sheng and Yuanguo Zhu
DOI: 10.24507/icicel.10.10.2349

Recursive Least Squares Identification Method for a Wiener Nonlinear System
Xiangdong Wang, Dalei Song and Dongqing Wang
DOI: 10.24507/icicel.10.10.2357

A Weighted Clustering Algorithm Based on User's Access Sequence Similarity
Weina Li, Gaowei Han and Jiadong Ren
DOI: 10.24507/icicel.10.10.2363

Spin Prediction of Aircraft's Post-Stall Maneuvering Based on Bifurcation Analysis
Xiaogang Li, Yuhui Wang and Qingxian Wu
DOI: 10.24507/icicel.10.10.2371

Semidefinite Programming Algorithm for TOA-Based Multiple Source Localization
Jian Zheng, Hao Zhang and Xiaoping Wu
DOI: 10.24507/icicel.10.10.2377

A Sufficient Descent Barzilai-Borwein Gradient Method for Unconstrained Optimization with Applications in Impulse Noise Removal
Min Sun, Jing Liu and Guangde Liu
DOI: 10.24507/icicel.10.10.2383

Efficient Self-Tuning Strategy for Hardware Transactional Memory
Ping Wu
DOI: 10.24507/icicel.10.10.2391

Radar Power Allocation Algorithm for Target Tracking Based on Radio Frequency Stealth
Lan Xu
DOI: 10.24507/icicel.10.10.2397

An Improved Label Propagation Algorithm with Extensional Local Clustering Coefficient for Community Detection in Complex Networks
Lei Fang, Qun Yang and Xiangmao Chang
DOI: 10.24507/icicel.10.10.2405

A Modified Orthogonal Matching Pursuit Algorithm for Identification of a Class of Closed-Loop Systems
Xue Han and Yanjun Liu
DOI: 10.24507/icicel.10.10.2413

Multicast Covert Timing Channels with Unequal Error Protection
Lihua Zhang, Guangjie Liu, Weiwei Liu, Jiangtao Zhai and Yuewei Dai
DOI: 10.24507/icicel.10.10.2421

Delay-Based Backpressure Algorithm for Improving Continuity of Video Streaming in Multi-Hop Wireless Networks
Shu Fan and Honglin Zhao
DOI: 10.24507/icicel.10.10.2429

Identify Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoporosis from Phalange CR Images Based on Image Registration and ANN
Shota Kajihara, Seiichi Murakami, Joo Kooi Tan, Hyoungseop Kim and Takatoshi Aoki
DOI: 10.24507/icicel.10.10.2435

Meta-Analysis Approach to Detect the Effect of Student Engagement on Academic Achievement
Dian-Fu Chang, Wei-Cheng Chien and Wen-Ching Chou
DOI: 10.24507/icicel.10.10.2441

A Particle Swarm Optimization Approach for Finding Optimal Controller Parameters of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle in an Isolated Small Power System
Kaewarin Jandum, Sitthidet Vachirasricirikul, Khomyuth Chaiwong and Kreangsak Tamee
DOI: 10.24507/icicel.10.10.2447

Transportation Problem with Fuzzy Cost Based on Level 1 Fuzzy Numbers
Jershan Chiang, Lily Lin and Huey-Ming Lee
DOI: 10.24507/icicel.10.10.2453

A Novel Unsupervised Convolutional Network Based on Gabor and (2D)^2PCA for Feature Extraction and Recognition
Ruru Lu, Min Jiang, Jun Kong, Shengwei Tian and Yilihamu Yaermaimaiti
DOI: 10.24507/icicel.10.10.2459

Industrial Structure Forecasting Based on Grey Neural Network Optimized by Integration Algorithm
Aimei Hong and Changchun Cheng
DOI: 10.24507/icicel.10.10.2467

PID Control Based on Genetic Algorithm and Its Application in Water Tank Control
Hao Deng, Yongcai Guo, Chao Gao, Yuanyuan Chen and Xueping Wang
DOI: 10.24507/icicel.10.10.2473

Depth Recovery Based on Image Guided Multi-Point Filtering
Li Li, Youen Zhao, Xiaohong Shen and Caiming Zhang
DOI: 10.24507/icicel.10.10.2479

An Adaptive Discrete Firefly Algorithm for Customer Milk-Run Problem
Xiaolei Wang and Meiliang He
DOI: 10.24507/icicel.10.10.2485

Research on Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Based on K-Means Clustering
Liyan Dong, Gaozi Zhu, Qi Zhu and Yongli Li
DOI: 10.24507/icicel.10.10.2493

Boost Circuit Design of High Power Factor Based on the L6562A
Wenge Ma, Jinxing Chen and Liming Zhang
DOI: 10.24507/icicel.10.10.2499

A Fast Handover Mechanism for Hierarchical Mobile IPv6 Using Neighboring MAP Information
Pyung Soo Kim, Eung Hyuk Lee and Mun Seok Jang
DOI: 10.24507/icicel.10.10.2507

The Vacuuming Assistance Method for the Lower-Limb Handicapped by ILSR
Bo Shen and Shuoyu Wang
DOI: 10.24507/icicel.10.10.2513

Impact of International Joint Venture on the Technical Efficiency - Evidence from Taiwan's FDI in China
Cheng-Ping Cheng, Manh-Trung Phung, Huai-Jie Tsai and Ju-Chun Cheng
DOI: 10.24507/icicel.10.10.2521

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