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Volume 4, Issue 5, October 2013

Design of Remote Wireless Environment Intelligent Monitoring System Based on ZigBee and GPRS
Shuangqiao Xiong, Xiucheng Dong and Peng Shi

A New Bounded Potential Function for Flocking of Multi-Agents
Xiaohao Xu and Zhengquan Yang

An Improved Breast Mass Segmentation Method for Mammography Based on Dynamic Programming
Dawei Zhao, Lili Yu, Yinghua Lu, Hui Sun and Jianzhong Wang

Adaptive Synchronization for Two Delay Complex Dynamical Networks with Uncertain Parameters
Zhengquan Yang, Baojun Huang and Qing Zhang

A New De-Drift Filter Based on Elimination Method for Periodic Signals Being Long-Period Integrated
De-Li Jia, Yao Wang and Cai-Hao Cui

The Signal Conditioning Technology for Transient Optical Detection System
Yitao Liang, Qin Liu and Aihui Wang

The Adaptive Robust Sliding Mode Control of the Cutting-In Doubly-Fed Induction Wind-Power Generator Based on the Distribute Structure Theory
Xinyu Liu, Tiejun Chen and Aihui Wang

Robust Nonlinear Tracking Control for a Cooling Process Using Support Vector Regression Model
Shengjun Wen, Haiquan Wang, Yongping Dan, Kai Yang, Dongyun Wang and Mingcong Deng

Improved Clock Estimation for Pairwise Broadcast Synchronization in Wireless Sensor Networks with Gaussian Delay Model
Xin Shi, Xiangmo Zhao, Fei Hui and Lan Yang

Finite-Time Motion Control for Permanent-Magnet Linear Motors
Xiaohui Mo, Qixun Lan and Shihua Li

A Novel Selection of Initial Image for Fast Fractal Decoding
Qiang Wang, Sheng Bi and Dequn Liang

Based on Wavelet Packet Transform and Artificial Neural Network to Identify Types and Regions of Concrete Internal Defects
Lixin Zhang, Deliang Meng, Zhigang Cao and Huijian Li

The Application of Data Envelopment Analysis on the Efficiency Evaluation of Chinese High-Tech Industry
Xiaomei Li

The Application of Fuzzy Inference on Different Universes in the Crime
Kaiqi Zou and Xingtai Li

Research on the Performance Comparing and Building of Affective Computing Database Based on Physiological Parameters
Xin Li, Xiaojuan Du and Changwu Li

Design and Implementation of Semi-Physical Simulation Platform for Accurate Position Control of DC Motor
Haiquan Wang, Saihua Shang, Aihui Wang, Dongyun Wang and Mingcong Deng

Interval Criterion of Region Transition and Fast Scan Conversion for Ellipse
Lianqiang Niu, Xin Chen and Chao Song

A New Feature Evaluation Method for Visual Tracking
Longkui Jiang and Yuru Wang

An Application of Rough Set on the Network Security Model
Hai-Sheng Wang, Hai-Chen Wang and Xiao-Lin Gui

The Similarity Measurement and Visualization of Mutual Citation Network on Scientific and Technical Journal Groups
Zheng Ma, Zhenglu Yu, Yuntao Pan and Changqing Yao

The Simulation Analysis and Constructing of the Cubic Logistic Chaotic Function Family
Junshan Gao, Ke Wang and Shan Lu

Simulation and Experimental Study on Passive Optical Network Based on Baseband Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing
Nianyu Zou, Dong Wang, Xin Li, Yi Yang, Yuncui Zhang, Ping Li, Jinpeng Wang and Xiaoyang He

Lighting Conditions and Energy Consumption State Analysis Based on Residential Lighting Investigation
Xiaoyang He, Xin Li, Mingming Sun, Yuncui Zhang, Yuan Fang and Nianyu Zou

A New Method to Establish the Comprehensive Model of Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Generating Electricity System
Baochun Lu, Jingli Wang, Weiguo Guan, Pijie Jiang and Liying Sun

Chaos Control of the Modified Chua's Circuit System Based on Feedback Linearization
Ping Han and Lihui Song

Design and Simulation of Main Steam Temperature Controller Based on Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Systems
Tao Wang, Chunyu Han and Chengju Jiang

The Fault Detection of Municipal Solid Waste Incinerators Based on Small Samples
Yingying Su, Shan Liang, Cheng Zeng, Junling Yang and Wenjin Hu

Sensorless Position Detection of Sliding Mode Observer for Switched Reluctance Motor Based on Exponential Reaching Law
Yongqin Zhou, Yuguang Zhang, Di Cui, Jiawen Sun and Yanguang Cui

Extended Kalman Filtering for State of Charge of a Lithium-Iron-Phosphate Based on Temperature Calibration
Zhilong Yu, Yanling Guo, Zhonghua Hao and Gechen Li

An Adaptive Fuzzy Terminal Sliding Mode Control Scheme for Uncertain Chaotic Systems
Wei Xiang, Xiejin Liu, Heng Liu and Yugao Huangfu

Research on Improved EEMD Algorithm Based on MEM and Its Application
Xiaodong Xian, Lingmin Zheng and Songlin Ji

The Building of a Comprehensive Toponym Corpus for Chinese Information Processing
Qiang Liu, Jingsong Yu, Shenglan Wu and Huilin Wang

A Pragmatic Method for Chinese Collocation Extraction
Weiguang Qu, Junsheng Zhou, Xuri Tang, Yanhui Gu and Bin Li

State Estimation for Nonlinear Stochastic Hybrid Systems with Time-Varying Transition Probabilities
Zhi-Guo Wang, Shun-Yi Zhao and Fei Liu

Traffic Flow Forecasting Based on Adaptive Kalman Filter
Junwei Gao, Ziwen Leng, Xiaofeng Li, Dechen Yao and Yong Qin

ECOC Classification with Sub-Class Partition Information
Baoli Li and Carl Vogel

Recognition of License Plate Chinese Character Based on Wavelet Transform and KPCA
Wenju Li, Xiuqin Wei, Yu Feng and Yunxiang Liu

Fault-Tolerant Controller Design for Discrete-Time Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Systems with Actuator Faults
Wentao Lou, Wei Zhang and Shaocheng Tong

A Scheduling Model for Multiple Scarce Medical Equipment in Hospitals
Zhongmin Wang, Mengjuan Xu, Yiping Jiang and Lindu Zhao

Rotation Invariant Texture Classification Using Rotated Random Projections
Yulong Qiao, Ying Zhao and Chunyan Song

Research on Complex Event of Internet of Things for Supply Chain Decision Support
Juntao Li, Xiaolin Cheng and Bingwu Liu

A Kind of Qualitative Fuzzy First-Order Logic
Ming'e Yin, Li Zou and Xin Liu

A Real-Time Synchronized Zone Order Picking System for Balancing Pickers' Workload
Xuping Wang, Jun Zhang and Hongyan Shang

An Efficient Genetic Algorithm for Back-Calculation of Source Intensity in Gas Leakage Accident Based on GPU-Acceleration
Jianming Li, Wenxiu Wei, Xiangpei Hu and Fei Sun

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