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Volume 7, Issue 10, October 2016

Stability Analysis of Networked Control Systems with Networked Delay and Packet Dropouts Constraints
Qingsheng Yang, Jie Wu, Jian Tu and Tao Han
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.10.2073

An Efficient Infinite Impulse Response Equalization Approach for Loudspeaker System Using Vector Fitting
Hecan Zou, Yong Fang and Qinghua Huang
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.10.2081

Speaker Recognition with Mel Scale-Based Wavelet Packet Decomposition and AR-Volterra Model
Shuying Yang, Jun Guo and Jiaojiao Jiang
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.10.2087

Disturbance Rejection Control for Coagulant Dosage in Water Treatment Process
Dan Niu, Xisong Chen, Jun Yang and Xingpeng Zhou
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.10.2095

Undergraduate Control Systems Lab Using LEGO NXT Systems
Hung-Shiang Chuang, Ying-Chun Chuang and Cheng-Yi Chen
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.10.2103

Design and Analysis of Single Phase Pure Sine Inverter Based on Phase Locked Loop
Noppadon Sisuk, Suphawadee Suphramit, Anucha Kaewpoonsuk and Paramote Wardkien
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.10.2111

A Study on Identical Parallel Machine Scheduling with Deterioration and Rate-Modifying Activities
Young-Bin Woo and Byung Soo Kim
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.10.2117

Vision-Based Reinforcement Learning in Environments with Action Noise
Atsushi Ueno, Natsuki Kajihara and Tomohito Takubo
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.10.2123

Human Activity Recognition Using Accelerometer and Barometer in Smartphone
Yu Liu, Qinghua Gu, Yongle Lu, Yanping Chen and Yibing Wang
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.10.2129

Double Variable Splittings and Alternating Optimization for Image Recovery under Unknown Boundary Conditions
Su Xiao, Fangzhen Ge and Ke Shen
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.10.2135

Design of an Optimization Method to Enhance the Efficiency of Driving Motor in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Qi Wang, Yinsheng Luo, Shaobang Xing and Taihong Chen
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.10.2143

Efficient Page Coloring for Multi-Threaded Programs
Xiuhong Li and Gulila . Altenbek
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.10.2149

Outlier Detection Approach Based on Local Outlier Factor for Datasets with Mixed Attributes
Taegu Kim and Nam-Wook Cho
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.10.2155

Skin Panel Design for a Morphing Mechanism
Qiang Zhao, Xijuan Guo and Fengfeng Xi
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.10.2161

Power Distribution Grid Investment Decision Making Based on Multi-Objective Flexible Decision Making Model (MOFDMM)
Dongxiao Niu, Zongyun Song, Guodong Zhu and Xinli Xiao
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.10.2169

Fast Simulation of Fish Schooling under Realistic Sea Water
Dexing Wang, Yu Ge, Mengzhao Yang, Hongchun Yuan, Yang Yang, Ting Ning and Jia Cai
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.10.2177

New Concept of Witness Encryption and Application
Ren Guo, Fuji Chen, Xiaogang Cheng and Yonghong Chen
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.10.2183

One Novel Face Recognition Approach Using Histograms of Oriented Gradients Deriving from Multi-Layer Pyramid Feature Blocks
Hao Zhang, Zhezhou Yu, Xiangchun Yu, Shuchao Pang and Jiachen Zhang
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.10.2189

ORB Feature Based Neighbor Graph Construction Method for Graph Regularized Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
Yuhao Liu
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.10.2197

Embedded High Power Control Driver Design with CMAC Based Learning Controller
Chin-Pao Hung and Wei-Jia Liou
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.10.2205

A Method for Extracting Organized Information from Online Product Reviews Based on Text Mining
Jooyoung Kim and Dongsoo Kim
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.10.2211

Driver Behavior Analysis at the Time of Crossing Pass Using Vehicle Kinematic Model and GMM Model
Zhong Zhang, Jing Joe Chong, Takuma Akiduki, Tetsuo Miyake and Lang Wei
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.10.2217

Study of Individual Characteristics in Human Motion by Using Acceleration Data
Ikumi Kamio, Hirotaka Takahashi, Takuma Akiduki and Zhong Zhang
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.10.2225

Optimal Design of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator Using an Extenics-Based Taguchi Approach
Sy-Ruen Huang and Kuo-Hua Huang
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.10.2233

Analyzing Efficiency of IP-Intensive Industries: The Case of Korea
Seongwook Choi, Seung-Jun Shin, Sungchul Choi and Wonchul Seo
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.10.2241

Reliability Modeling of Emergency Shutdown Function for Heat Recovery Steam Generator Control
Chaichan Chairuan, Amphawan Julsereewong and Teerawat Thepmanee
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.10.2247

Flame Image Segmentation Using the Dynamic Adaptation Cuckoo Search Algorithm Based on the 2D Maximum Between-Cluster Variance
Xiaolin Zhang, Chong Zhang and Tao Yang
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.10.2253

Acoustic Scene Detection Based on Deep Belief Network and Dynamic Binary Features
Jian Wang and Shu Xu
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.10.2261

Identifying Potential Technology Themes Based on Internal Capabilities Using Topic Modeling and Association Rule Mining
Jusung Kim, Woon-Seek Lee, Sungchul Choi and Wonchul Seo
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.10.2267

A Sensorless Direct Torque Control Induction Motor Driver with a Full-Order Flux Observer Based on Particle Swarm Optimization Parameter Estimators
Wen-Cheng Pu, Jyu-Jheng Yang and Yung-Chang Luo
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.10.2275

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