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Volume 7, Issue 2, February 2016

Parameter Optimization for Gaussian Mixture Model and Its Application in Speaker Identification
Yuecheng Peng and Xinyuan Huang
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.02.249

Identifying Important Nodes in Complex Software Network Based on Ripple Effects
Jiadong Ren, Hongfei Wu, Rui Gao, Guoyan Huang and Jun Dong
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.02.257

Distant Speech Emotion Recognition Based on Feature Enhancement
Xiaoping Jiang, Dingzhou Wang, Chenhua Li and Hao Ding
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.02.265

Motion Controller Design for a Walking Support Robot Utilizing Acceleration and Speed Information of Desired Trajectory
Yina Wang and Shuoyu Wang
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.02.271

Detecting Pedestrian and Extracting Their Attributes from Self-Mounted Camera Views
Ryuichi Sakai, Joo Kooi Tan, Hyoungseop Kim and Seiji Ishikawa
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.02.279

Computing Techniques in Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis for Earth Retaining Structures
Hsi-Chi Yang and Tsung Pin Tsai
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.02.287

Estimation of Urban Infrastructure Demand with Consideration of Urban Characteristics
Hosung Jung and Jae-Dong Son
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.02.295

Risk Analysis of Natural Disaster in South Korea Using Extreme Value Theory
Tae-Jin Lim
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.02.301

Fuzzy Demand Quantity and Fuzzy Production Quantity Based on Statistical Data
Jershan Chiang, Lily Lin and Huey-Ming Lee
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.02.307

A Balanced DEMATEL Theory with Normalized Indirect Relation Matrix
Hsiang-Chuan Liu, Yih-Chang Ou, Hsien-Chang Tsai, Ben-Chang Shia and Jing-Ming Ju
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.02.315

Allocation Policies for Collaborative Delivery in Express Courier Services
Friska Natalia Ferdinand, Ki Ho Chung and Chang Seong Ko
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.02.323

Robust Output Tracking Control of VTOL Aircraft Based on Immersion and Manifold Invariance
Liying Zou, Huiguang Li, Ji Chen and Fengjuan Miao
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.02.329

Edge Directed Single Image Super Resolution through the Learning Based Gradient Regression Estimation
Guogang Wang, Zongliang Gan and Xiuchang Zhu
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.02.337

Mixed Gaussian-Rain Video Noise Removal Based on Inexact RPCA and MCA in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
Hui Luo, Yanli Zhu, Gong Li and Manlin Luo
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.02.345

Interactive Reflection Simulation via Physical Shading Model and Fast Environment Mapping
Jie Xu and Jinhua Fu
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.02.351

A Class of Time-Delay Disturbance Discrete System for Iterative Learning Control
Yinjun Zhang, Yinghui Li and Jianhuan Su
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.02.357

A Parallel Loop Scheduling Scheme on Field Programmable Gate Arrays
Zhijian Lu
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.02.363

Sky-Ground Region Segmentation and Horizon Detection Using Multi-Scale Dark Channel Images
Meng Ding and Li Wei
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.02.369

2D Principle Component Analysis Based Novel Multiscale Saliency Detection Method
Shangbing Gao, Jingbo Zhou, Youdong Zhang, Jun Zhou and Jianxun Xue
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.02.375

The Calculation of Fall Using a Rigid Body Model in Which the Lower End Moves Freely
Toru Yukimasa
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.02.381

Traffic Signs and Signals Detection Employing the MY VISION System for a Visually Impaired Person
Takaki Kumano, Joo Kooi Tan, Hyougnseop Kim and Seiji Ishikawa
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.02.385

Using Fuzzy Delphi Methods to Develop Indices for Evaluating Natural and Cultural Scenic Ecological Areas
Yee-Chaur Lee, Wei-Ling Hsu and Hsin-Lung Liu
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.02.393

Smart Service Coordination and Management of Digital Space and Some Cases
Dongsoo Kim, Seung Sik Yoon and Taesoo Lim
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.02.401

Finding Users Attributes from User Common Interest on Social Networks
Rung-Ching Chen and Hendry
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.02.407

Classifications of Process Variance Faults Using Artificial Neural Networks and Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines
Yuehjen E. Shao, Chia-Ding Hou, Yu-Jing Chou and Shih-Chieh Lin
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.02.415

Design an On-Line Power Detection System Using Improved Redundant Management Method
Jr-Hung Guo, Kuo-Lan Su, Chih-Hung Chang and Yi-Lin Liao
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.02.421

Comparison of Service Interfaces Based on Industry and Service Process
Ha-Na Lee and Wonil Hwang
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.02.429

Research on Parse and Storage of Complex Linked Data: Taking DOI Data as an Example
Hui Liu and Yao Liu
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.02.435

Palmprint Recognition Based on Curvelet and Local Directional Pattern
Feifei Liu, Lijian Zhou, Zheming Lu and Kun Zhao
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.02.443

Energy Minimization in Image Segmentation Using Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm
Xiuyou Wang and Dongqing Xu
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.02.449

Research on the Dynamic Evolution of Coal Mining Subsidence Areas Based on Remote Sensing Imaging
Yujuan Zhang and Ming Huang
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.02.455

Road Surface Condition Classification Method Based on Multi-Feature Fusion and SVM Classifier
Wei Yang, Lang Wei, Zhong Zhang and Jingyu Liu
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.02.461

Application of Independent Component Analysis to Improvement of Signal-to-Noise Ratio in Optical Wave Microphone
Hiroyuki Kawakami, Takashi Samatsu and Yoshito Sonoda
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.02.469

Implement Mobile Learning Cloud Platform - A Case Study Give Me Five
Tai-Ning Yang, Wei-Yu Chen and Heng-Sheng Chen
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.02.475

Corner-Based Robotic Stereo Visual Navigation Optimized by Region-of-Interest Pyramid and Maximum-Uncertainty Comparability Measurement
Chung-Lin Li and Chian C. Ho
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.02.483

Assessing the Greenness of Product Lifetime Extension
Minjung Kwak
DOI: 10.24507/icicelb.07.02.491

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