International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control (IJICIC)
ISSN 1349-418X

Volume 8, Number 8, August 2012

Regular Papers

Joint Priority Random Early Detection and IEEE 802.11e EDCF to Support QoS in WLAN
Chien-Erh Weng, Ruei-Yi Li and Chao-Hsing Hsu
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Carrier Selection Optimization Based on Multi-Commodity Reliability Criterion for a Stochastic Logistics Network under a Budget Constraint
Yi-Kuei Lin and Cheng-Ta Yeh
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Fusion of LIDAR Height Data for Urban Feature Classification Using a Hybrid Method
Shiahn-Wern Shyue, Ming-Jer Huang, Liang-Hwei Lee and Chih-Chung Kao
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Method of Structural Analysis for Statically Indeterminate Beams
Arnulfo Luevanos Rojas
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Robust Nonlinear Control of Robot Manipulator with Uncertainties in Kinematics, Dynamics and Actuator Models
Mohammad Reza Soltanpour, Jafaar Khalilpour and Mahmoodreza Soltani
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A Smart Card Based Authentication Scheme for Remote User Login and Verification
Zi-Yao Cheng, Yun Liu, Chin-Chen Chang and Shih-Chang Chang
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Asymptotical Stabilization for Time-Invariant and Time-Varying Port-Hamiltonian Systems via a New Kinetic Energy-Shaping
Liangcheng Cai, Yong He and Min Wu
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Residency-Based Distributed Collaborative Key Agreement for Dynamic Peer Groups
Chii-Jyh Guo and Yuh-Ming Huang
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The Correlation and Eigenanalysis Models on Amplitude-Locked Loop Embedded Security Systems
Gwo-Jia Jong, Yin-Chih Chen and Gwo-Jiun Horng
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A Hybrid Recurrent Neural Networks Model Based on Synthesis Features to Forecast the Taiwan Stock Market
Liang-Ying Wei and Ching-Hsue Cheng
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Service Discovery Protocol for Network Mobility Environment
Min-Xiou Chen, Fu-Hsing Sung and Bing-Yang Lin
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An Educational Approach to the Internal Model Principle for Periodic Signals
Ramon Costa-Castello, Josep M. Olm, Hector Vargas and German A. Ramos
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Study on Input-Output Relation with Characteristic of Increasing Marginal Revenue Using DEA Model
Xiaohong Wang and Xuefeng Wang
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Non-Adaptive Boundary Control of the Forced Generalized Korteweg-de Vries-Burgers Equation
Nejib Smaoui, Alaa El-Khadri and Mohamed Zribi
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Defect Detection for Patterned Textile Fabrics with Deformations
Zhi Guo Feng, Ka Fai Cedric Yiu and Kai Ling Mak
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Improving the Lee-Lee's Password Based Authenticated Key Agreement Protocol
Eun-Jun Yoon and Kee-Young Yoo
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Towards the Safety Properties of Moving Block Railway Interlocking System
Nazir Ahmad Zafar, Sher Afzal Khan and Keijiro Araki
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Special Issue Papers

Special Issue on Management Engineering
Berlin Wu, Hisao Shiizuka and Junzo Watada

Assessing Generalized Linear Mixed Models Using Residual Analysis
Kuo-Chin Lin and Yi-Ju Chen
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Fuzzy Parallel System Reliability Analysis Based on Level (l,r) Interval-Valued Fuzzy Numbers
Huey-Ming Lee, Ching-Fen Fuh and Jin-Shieh Su
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Fuzzy Clustering Analysis of Data Mining: Application to an Accident Mining System
Jianxiong Yang and Junzo Watada
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Parametric Approximation of Fuzzy Exponent for Computationally Intensive Problems
Janos Botzheim and Peter Foldesi
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Probing the Innovative Quality System Structure Model for NPD Process Based on Combining DANP with MCDM Model
Meng-Jong Kuan, Chia-Chun Hsiang and Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng
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Socially Responsible Investment-Based Portfolio Selection Problems with Fuzziness
Takashi Hasuike
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The Impact of Demand Uncertainty on Decisions of Sourcing Strategies under Supply Disruption Risks
Jing Hou and Lindu Zhao
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Efficiency Evaluation in Time Management for School Administration with Fuzzy Data
Berlin Wu, Mei Fen Liu and Zhongyu Wang
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Reliability Evaluation of Interconnected Power Systems Including Wind Turbine Generators
Jeongje Park, Taegon Oh, Kyeonghee Cho, Jaeseok Choi, Sang-Seung Lee, Junzo Watada and A. A. El-Keib
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Large Scale Vehicle Routing Problem: An Overview of Algorithms and an Intelligent Procedure
Minfang Huang and Xiangpei Hu
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A DEA-Based Method of Stepwise Benchmark Target Selection with Preference, Direction and Similarity Criteria
Jaehun Park, Hyerim Bae and Sungmook Lim
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Reliability Enhancement of a Traffic Signal Light System Using a Mean-Variance Approach
Shamshul Bahar Yaakob and Junzo Watada
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A Study on the Mechanism of Tacit Knowledge Integration: The Role of Social Ties and Transactive Memory Systems
Chenghong Zhang, Daocheng Hong and Hong Ling
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A Knowledge Representation Method for Algorithms in DSS for Real-Time Vehicle Routing in Urban Distribution
Lijun Sun and Xiangpei Hu
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Delivery Services Model of Cloud Computing: A Perspective Overview
Feng-Tse Lin and Chieh-Hung Huang
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A Bullwhip Type of Instability Induced by Time Varying Target Inventory in Production Chains
Arpad Csik and Peter Foldesi
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Performance Evaluation of Leading Fabless Integrated Circuit Design Houses by Using a Multiple Objective Programming Based Data Envelopment Analysis Approach
Chi-Yo Huang, Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng, Yun-Ting Chen and Hueiling Chen
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Selection of an Improvement Strategy in Internal Service Operations: The MCDM Approach with Fuzzy AHP and Nonadditive Fuzzy Integral
Don Jyh-Fu Jeng
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Portfolio Selection Model with Interval Values Based on Fuzzy Probability Distribution Functions
Pei-Chun Lin, Junzo Watada and Berlin Wu
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