International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control (IJICIC)
ISSN 1349-418X

Volume 9, Number 10, October 2013

Investigation into Indices of Aging and Schizophrenia Using the Photic Driving Response
Tadanori Fukami, Takamasa Shimada, Fumito Ishikawa and Bunnoshin Ishikawa
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A Robust Image Descriptor for Human Detection Based on HoG and Weber's Law
Shinfeng D. Lin, Yuan-Ming Liu and Yu-Ruei Jhu
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Adaptive PSO-Based Self-Tuning PID Controller for Ultrasonic Motor
Alrijadjis Djoewahir, Kanya Tanaka and Shota Nakashima
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Fault-Tolerant Reconfigurable Control for MIMO Systems Using Online Fuzzy Identification
Ruiyun Qi, Limeng Zhu and Bin Jiang
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Performance Enhancement in Multi Hop Cognitive Radio Wireless Mesh Networks
Mohammad Siraj and Saleh Alshebeili
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Networked Output Feedback Robust Predictive Controller Design
Vojtech Vesely, Danica Rosinova and Thuan Nguyen Quang
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Surface Plasmon Resonance Design of Chip-Type Sensor with Nanoparticles
Zhong-Shu Chiang, Chi-Yuan Chang and Rong-Seng Chang
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A Turning Points Method for Stream Time Series Prediction
Van Vo, Jiawei Luo and Bay Vo
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Single-Machine Scheduling Problems with Past-Sequence-Dependent Delivery Times and Deterioration and Learning Effects Simultaneously
Suh-Jenq Yang, Jia-Yuarn Guo, Hsin-Tao Lee and Dar-Li Yang
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Decentralized Robust Control for Uncertain Nonlinear Descriptor Large-Scale Composite Systems with Input Saturation
Yuechao Ma, Na Zhang and Xiaozhu Zhong
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Design of Isolated Footings of Rectangular Form Using a New Model
Arnulfo Luevanos Rojas, Jesus Gerardo Faudoa Herrera, Roberto Alan Andrade Vallejo and Miguel Armando Cano Alvarez
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Properties of the Intrinsic Value Function and the Duration Function Determined by Continuous Cash Flow
Xuefeng Wang
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Autotuning Method for PIlDm Controllers Design
Riccardo Caponetto, Giovanni Dongola, Fulvio Pappalardo and Vincenzo Tomasello
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Institutional Investor Ownership and Tax-Induced Trading of American Depositary Receipts
Bi-Huei Tsai
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Fuzzy Synthetic Evaluation Model Based on the Knowledge System
Fachao Li, Wenfang Wang, Yan Shi and Chenxia Jin
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Dynamic Cluster-Based Architecture and Data Congregation Protocols for Wireless Sensor Network
A. K. M. Muzahidul Islam, Koichi Wada and Wei Chen
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An Innovative Distribution Proportion Approach for the Medicines in HSCM Based on Total System Cost and Patient Safety
Hung-Chang Liao and Yan-Kwang Chen
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A Distance-Based Method for Counting Passersby Using Space-Time Imagery
Ahmed Elmarhomy and Kenji Terada
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Research on Ballistic Missile Threat Assessment Based on Maximum Deviation
Bo Chen, Bo Yan, Yunming Wang and Chengsheng Pan
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A Routing Algorithm for MPLS Traffic Engineering in LEO Satellite Constellation Network
Chengsheng Pan, Huanhuan Du and Qingli Liu
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Genetic Optimization of Ensemble Neural Networks for Complex Time Series Prediction of the Mexican Exchange
Martha Pulido, Oscar Castillo and Patricia Melin
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On Completeness of Scalable Path Planning for Multiple Robots Using Graph with Cycles
Hyun-Wook Jo, Joo-Ho Park, Gwang Tae Kim and Jong-Tae Lim
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A Parallel Fuzzy Learning Approach to Determine the Hitting Point for Ping-Pong Playing Robot
Yanlong Huang, De Xu and Min Tan
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Constrained Model Predictive Control on Convex Polyhedron Stochastic Linear Parameter Varying Systems
Yanyan Yin, Yan Shi and Fei Liu
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A Realistic Style Facial Comic Generation
Der-Lor Way, Chiao-Kai Juan, Wen-Kai Tai and Chin-Chen Chang
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A Design Methodology and Analysis for Interval Type-2 Fuzzy PI/PD Controllers
Mortaza Aliasghary, Ibrahim Eksin, Mujde Guzelkaya and Tufan Kumbasar
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Automatic Selection and Analysis of Japanese Notational Variants on the Basis of Machine Learning
Masaki Murata, Masahiro Kojima, Takuya Minamiguchi and Yasuhiko Watanabe
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