International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control (IJICIC)
ISSN 1349-418X

Volume 10, Number 3, June 2014

Research and Development of Vision Based Tactile Display System Using Shape Memory Alloys
Changan Jiang, Keiji Uchida and Hideyuki Sawada
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Mathematical Model for Rectangular Beams of Variable Cross Section of Symmetrical Linear Shape for Concentrated Load
Arnulfo Luevanos Rojas, Ramon Luevanos Rojas, Inocencio Luevanos Soto, Ramon Gerardo Luevanos Vazquez and Olimpia Alejandra Ramirez Luevanos
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Redundant Input Guaranteed Cost Switched Tracking Control for Omnidirectional Rehabilitative Training Walker
Ping Sun and Shuoyu Wang
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Experimental and Analysis Study on GloveMAP Grasping Force Signal Using Gaussian Filtering Method and Principal Component Analysis (PCA)
Nazrul H. Adnan, Khairunizam Wan, Shahriman Ab, D. Hazry, Zuradzman M. Razlan and Juliana A. Abu Bakar
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Path Following and Stabilization of Underactuated Surface Vessels Based on Adaptive Hierarchical Sliding Mode
Cheng Liu, Zao-Jian Zou and Jian-Chuan Yin
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Retrieval Method Based on IPDSH and r/KPSO
Xu Zhang, Baolong Guo and Jengshyang Pan
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CSPMDS-PrefixSpan: Mining Closed Sequential Patterns over Data Stream Sliding Windows
Qiang Zeng, Gaowei Han, Dengxi Chen and Jiadong Ren
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Decision-Making of Manufacturing System Functional Objectives
Qingshan Zhang, Wei Xu and Ling Li
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Input Feedback Control of Manipulated Variables in Model Predictive Control
Xionglin Luo, Minghui Wei, Feng Xu, Xiaolong Zhou and Shubin Wang
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UWB Pulse Timing Tracking Based on Feedback Control Particle Filtering
Hui Li, Hanyu Liu and Xiaoxiao Hao
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Adaptive Internal Model Controller Design Using Dynamic Partial Least Squares Decoupling Structure
Qinghua Chi, Zhao Zhao, Xin Jin and Jun Liang
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Self-Similarity of Fluctuations for Throughput Deviations within a Production Process
Kenji Shirai and Yoshinori Amano
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Vector Control Modelling of Vehicle to Grid Charging and Discharging Converter
Xiaolei Wang, Liang Yang, Pan Yan, Wendao Yao and Guangwen Shi
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Characteristics Analysis and Modeling of a Miniature Pneumatic Curling Rubber Actuator
Aihui Wang, Mingcong Deng, Shuichi Wakimoto and Toshihiro Kawashima
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A Novel Compression Scheme Based on SMVQ and Huffman Coding
Chin-Chen Chang, Thai-Son Nguyen and Chia-Chen Lin
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Dynamic Core Based Clustering of Gene Expression Data
Maria-Iuliana Bocicor, Adela Sirbu and Gabriela Czibula
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QR-Tuning and Approximate-LS Solutions of the HJB Equation for Online DLQR Design via State and Action-Dependent Heuristic Dynamic Programming
Joao Viana da Fonseca Neto and Patricia Helena Moraes Rego
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Robust Tracking Control of Pneumatic Muscle Using Passivity Based Control
Youssif M. T. Elobaid, Jian Huang and Yongji Wang
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Estimating Reliability of Service-Oriented Systems: A Rule-Based Approach
Ashish Seth, Himanshu Agarwal and Ashim Raj Singla
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Quantization of Artificial Neuron (Quantum Current, Model of Polariton on Axon)
Hiroyuki Matsuura and Katsumi Wasaki
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On the Suitability of Multiscale Image Representation Schemes as Applied to Noise Removal
Epiphany Jebamalar Leavline, Shanmugam Sutha and Danasingh Asir Antony Gnana Singh
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Adaptive Tracking Control of Uncertain MIMO Switched Nonlinear Systems
Chunyan Wang
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Evaluation of Production Process Using Multimode Vibration Theory
Kenji Shirai and Yoshinori Amano
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Inherency Theory Based Neuron Model to Learn Movement Direction Selection
Yuki Todo and Hiroki Tamura
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Development of a Driver Inattention Detection System Using Dynamic Relational Network
Md Rizal Othman, Zhong Zhang, Takuma Akiduki, Hajime Suzuki, Takashi Imamura and Tetsuo Miyake
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A Hybrid Approach for Control of a Class of Input-Affine Nonlinear Systems
Ercan Atam, Lionel Mathelin and Laurent Cordier
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Nonlinear Feedback Control Based on Positive Invariance for a Nutrient Removal Biological Plant
Hicham El Bahja and Pastora Vega Cruz
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