International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control (IJICIC)
ISSN 1349-418X

Volume 8, Number 4, April 2012

Local Directional Pattern (LDP) for Face Recognition
Taskeed Jabid, Md. Hasanul Kabir and Oksam Chae
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Fault Detection for State-Delay Fuzzy Systems Subject to Random Communication Delay
Xiaomei Zhang, Zhenjuan Zhang and Guoping Lu
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A Multi-Agent Architecture for Distributed Services and Applications
Juan M. Corchado, Dante I. Tapia and Javier Bajo
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High Capacity Robust Audio Watermarking Scheme Based on FFT and Linear Regression
Mehdi Fallahpour and David Megias
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Cellular Learning Automata for Mining Customer Behaviour in Shopping Activity
Mansour Esmaeilpour, Vahideh Naderifar and Zarina Shukur
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Robustness in Dynamic Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Laura Climent, Miguel A. Salido and Federico Barber
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Modeling and Simulation of Fuzzy Logic Controller-Based Model Reference Adaptive Controller
R. Prakash and R. Anita
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A Simplified Recursive Dynamic PCA Based Monitoring Scheme for Imperial Smelting Process
Zhikun Hu, Zhiwen Chen, Changchun Hua, Weihua Gui, Chunhua Yang and Steven X. Ding
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Evaluating Service Quality of Mobile Application Stores: A Comparison of Three Telecommunication Companies in Taiwan
Li-Jen Yang, Tzu-Chuan Chou and Ji-Feng Ding
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Optimal Inventory Model with Fuzzy Perfective Rate, Demand Rate, and Purchasing Cost under Immediate Return for Defective Items
Wen-Kai Kevin Hsu
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Multi-Recognition Combined Security System for Intelligent Car Electronics
Gwo-Jia Jong, Peng-Liang Peng and Gwo-Jiun Horng
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On Pole Placement in LMI Region for Descriptor Linear Systems
Jianjun Bai, Hongye Su, Jing Wang and Bingxin Shi
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A Novel Method for Driver Inattention Detection Using Driver Operation Signals
Md Rizal Othman, Zhong Zhang, Takashi Imamura and Tetsuo Miyake
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A Secure and Efficiency ID-Based Authenticated Key Agreement Scheme Based on Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem for Mobile Devices
Eun-Jun Yoon, Sung-Bae Choi and Kee-Young Yoo
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The Matrix Power Function and Its Application to Block Cipher S-Box Construction
Eligijus Sakalauskas and Kestutis Luksys
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Performance Enhancement of the Differential Evolution Algorithm Using Local Search and a Self-Adaptive Scaling Factor
Ching-Hung Lee, Che-Ting Kuo and Hao-Han Chang
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Bio-Inspired Multilayered and Multilanguage Arabic Script Character Recognition System
Muhammad Imran Razzak, Syed Afaq Husain, Abdulrahman A. Mirza and Muhammad Khurram Khan
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Robust H-infinity Control for Networked Systems with Parameter Uncertainties and Multiple Stochastic Sensors and Actuators Faults
Songlin Hu, Dong Yue, Jinliang Liu and Zhaoping Du
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Data Zooming for the Detection of Outliers and Subsequence Discords
Jamal Ameen and Rawshan Basha
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A Study on Efficient Group-Oriented Signature Schemes for Realistic Application Environment
Yu-Fang Chung, Tzer-Long Chen, Tzer-Shyong Chen and Chih-Sheng Chen
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Secure Business Process Modelling of SOA Applications Using ``UML-SOA-Sec''
Muhammad Qaiser Saleem, Jafreezal Jaafar and Mohd Fadzil Hassan
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Usability Based Reliable and Cashless Payment System (RCPS)
Shafiq ur Rehman, Jane Coughlan and Zahid Halim
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Video Surveillance Using Facial Features-Based Tracking
Ibrahim Hemdan, Stephen Karungaru and Kenji Terada
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Using a Low Pass Filter to Recover Three-Dimensional Shape from Focus in the Presence of Noise
Mannan Saeed Muhammad, Husna Mutahira and Tae-Sun Choi
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Improving Performance of ACO Algorithms Using Crossover Mechanism Based on Best Tours Graph
Aybars Ugur and Dogan Aydin
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The Multi-Target Fire Distribution Strategy Research of the Anti-Air Fire Based on the Genetic Algorithm
Chengsheng Pan, Yang Zhang, Li Yang and Shaoming Qiu
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Efficient Distributed Face Recognition in Wireless Sensor Network
Muhammad Imran Razzak, Basem. A. Elmogy, Muhammad Khurram Khan and Khaled Alghathbar
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An Efficient Content Based Image Retrieval Method for Retrieving Images
Quynh Nguyen Huu, Ha Nguyen Thi Thu and Tao Ngo Quoc
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A Robust and Real-Time Visual Speech Recognition for Smartphone Application
Min Gyu Song, Md Tariquzzaman, Jin Young Kim, Seong Taek Hwang and Seung Ho Choi
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Recognizing Pathogenic Antibodies in SLE Using General Regression Neural Networks
Mohamad Hasan Bahari, Asad Azemi, Mir Mojtaba Mirsalehi, Mahmoud Mahmoudi and Morteza Khadime
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Application of Type-2 Fuzzy Logic to Rule-Based Intrusion Alert Correlation Detection
Chenn-Jung Huang, Kai-Wen Hu, Heng-Ming Chen, Tao-Ku Chang, Yun-Cheng Luo and Yih-Jhe Lien
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NURBS Curve Fitting Using Artificial Immune System
Erkan Ulker
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New Results on Asymptotic and Robust Stability of Genetic Regulatory Networks with Time-Varying Delays
Ruixia Yan and Jinliang Liu
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Design of a Dual-Input Buck-Boost Converter for Mobile Back-Lighting Applications
Kei Eguchi, Sawai Pongswatd, Amphawan Julsereewong, Ichirou Oota, Shinya Terada and Hirofumi Sasaki
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PolaritySpam: Propagating Content-Based Information Through a Web-Graph to Detect Web-Spam
F. Javier Ortega, Jose A. Troyano, Fermin L. Cruz and Carlos G. Vallejo
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Improved Arithmetic of Two-Position Fast Initial Alignment for SINS Using Unscented Kalman Filter
Ji-zhou Lai, Jian Xiong, Jian-ye Liu and Bin Jiang
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