International Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and Control (IJICIC)
ISSN 1349-418X

Volume 9, Number 1, January 2013

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Hsiu-Feng Lin, Li-Wei Lu, Chiou-Yueh Gun and Chih-Ying Chen
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Decentralized Learning in General-Sum Matrix Games: An LR-I Lagging Anchor Algorithm
Xiaosong Lu and Howard M. Schwartz
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Dynamic Password Based Remote User Authentication without Time Stamping
Mohamed Hamdy Eldefrawy, Muhammad Khurram Khan and Khaled Alghathbar
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Learning and Reasoning on Background Nets for Text Categorization with Changing Domain and Personalized Criteria
Sio-Long Lo and Liya Ding
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Swarm Intelligence Based Algorithm for Wheeling Transaction in Deregulated Power Industry
S. Venkatesan, G. Y. Rajaa Vikhram, N. Kamaraj and R. S. Alexander Maniraj
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Specified Structure Mixed H2/H-infinity Control-Based Robust Frequency Stabilization in a Smart Grid by Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Issarachai Ngamroo
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Digital Image Stabilization Using a Functional Neural Fuzzy Network
Chi-Feng Wu and Cheng-Jian Lin
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A Novel Data Gathering Scheme for Monitoring-Oriented Wireless Sensor Networks
Akihide Utani, Shingo Nakagawa and Hisao Yamamoto
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A Dickson-Type Adder/Subtractor DC-DC Converter Realizing Step-Up/Step-Down Conversion
Kei Eguchi, Prasit Julsereewong, Amphawan Julsereewong, Kuniaki Fujimoto and Hirofumi Sasaki
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Robust H-infinity Control with Selection of Sites for Application of Decentralized Controllers in Power Systems
Alexandre Cezar de Castro, Clivaldo Silva Araujo, Jose Mario Araujo, Eduardo Telmo Fonseca Santos and Fernando Augusto Moreira
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Desired Compensation Adaptive Robust Control of Mobile Satellite Communication System with Disturbance and Model Uncertainties
Jun Jiang, Qingwei Chen, Bin Yao and Jian Guo
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Improved Delay-Dependent Robust Exponential Stabilization Criteria for Uncertain Time-Varying Delay Singular Systems
Pin-Lin Liu
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Tensor Voting Based Outlier Removal for Global Motion Estimation
Toan Dinh Nguyen and Gueesang Lee
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Fast Euclidean Direction Search Algorithm in Adaptive Noise Cancellation and System Identification
Seyed Abolfazl Hosseini, Sayed Aref Hadei, Mohammad Bagher Menhaj and Paeiz Azmi
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An Efficient Model for Mining Precise Quantitative Association Rules with Multiple Minimum Supports
Shih-Sheng Chen and Tony Cheng-Kui Huang
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Research on Objective Sorting Algorithm of GEO Communication Satellite Based on Fuzzy Theory
Chengsheng Pan, Na Wang, Haiyan Liu and Xiuli Du
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An AIS-Inspired Architecture for Alert Correlation
Mehdi Bateni, Ahmad Baraani, Ali Ghorbani and Abbas Rezaei
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Network Reliability Evaluation for Computer Networks: A Case of the Taiwan Advanced Research and Education Network
Yi-Kuei Lin, Louis Cheng-Lu Yeng, Sheng-I Chang and Shin-Ruey Hsieh
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Amplitude-Locked Loop Separation System Using Maximum Likelihood Estimation Analysis
Gwo-Jia Jong, Chen-Shen Huang, Peng-Linag Peng and Gwo-Jiun Horng
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Gravity Compensation for an ILPMSM Driver Based on a Robust Uncertainty Controller with System Delay Compensation
Wei-Hann Yao, Pi-Cheng Tung, Chyun-Chau Fuh and Fu-Chu Chou
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Motion Planning of Swarm Robots Using Potential-Based Genetic Algorithm
Chien-Chou Lin, Kun-Cheng Chen, Po-Yuan Hsiao and Wei-Ju Chuang
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A New Multilevel Thresholding Approach Based on the Ant Colony System and the EM Algorithm
Yun-Chia Liang and Yueh-Chuan Yin
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Delay-Range-Dependent Robust H-infinity Filtering for Singular LPV Systems with Time Variant Delay
Fanbiao Li and Xian Zhang
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Identification of Target Image Regions Based on Bifurcations of a Fixed Point in a Discrete-Time Oscillator Network
Ken'ichi Fujimoto, Mio Kobayashi, Tetsuya Yoshinaga and Kazuyuki Aihara
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Doppler Information Extraction of Segment Signal Using S-MVDR Method in HFSWR
Shang Shang, Yang Li, Ning Zhang and Zhao-bin Wang
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An Object Version Transcoding for Streaming Media Services in Wireless Networks
Taeg Won Jeong, Jeong Yong Ahn and Chong Deuk Lee
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Motion Control of a Wheeled Mobile Robot Using Digital Acceleration Control Method
Yina Wang, Shuoyu Wang, Renpeng Tan and Yinlai Jiang
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Natural Language Generation Method Using Automatically Constructed Lexical Resources
Naho Ito and Masafumi Hagiwara
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An Analysis of Model-Driven Web Engineering Methodologies
Gustavo Aragon, Maria-Jose Escalona, Michael Lang and Jose R. Hilera
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Adaptive Quasiconformal Kernel Fisher Discriminant Analysis via Weighted Maximum Margin Criterion
Chuang Lin, Binghui Wang, Zheming Lu and Kuanjiu Zhou
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